Recent roles filled

  • Growth Marketing Lead, Start-up
  • Performance Marketing Lead, Start-up
  • Head of Growth, US brand
  • Demand Generation Manager, US start-up
  • Performance Marketing Manager, B2C brand
  • PPC Specialist, UK-based B2B SaaS Company
  • SEO Manager, Agency
  • SEO Executive, Agency
  • Head of Demand Generation, US Tech co.

How we recruit

Headhunting & Networking with top-tier digital talent

We are specialists in recruiting for growth and revenue-focused marketing roles. From PPC and SEO to roles with wider scope such as performance marketing and demand generation, we help clients grow through better talent and better hiring processes.

We had the opportunity to build a recruitment agency from scratch – so we tackled it like any marketer would – what do our clients really need?

The best candidates for you

There’s a difference between the best person on the market, and the best person for you. We evaluate not just their skills and their background, but we quiz them on your values and how good a match they would be. We’re looking for longevity and purpose in order to help you grow your pipeline and your revenue.

A dedication that matches yours

You could go out to multiple recruiters and ask for CVs – that’s not how we work. We partner exclusively with our clients, because they know that our dedication to finding talent is matched by their dedication to finding that person. Even in tight niches with very few candidates, we work day and night to find talent.

A deep understanding of the industry

Very few can claim the level of expertise we have in digital. We’ve run multi-million dollar ad campaigns, launched courses, been CMOs and have built our own in-house marketing teams before. We’re now helping businesses become employers of choice with our Talent Attraction programme – positioning them as attractive employers in a competitive market.

Perm or

Speed is of the essence, if you want the best talent. You can access our network, and we’ll pitch your role to the best candidates and then manage you through the recruitment process. Are you ready? No time like the present.


If you’re planning for growth, go retained. We’ll plan your talent pipeline, build talent pools & warm your market up for when you’re ready to hire. No more distressed hires – get a process that sets you up to scale. Ready?

Client Testimonial

Working with Example has been an absolute dream, couldn’t have asked for a smoother or faster process. Within 6 weeks of beginning our search we had start dates set and contracts signed! Gareth understood exactly what we were looking for, it makes such a difference working with a recruiter that genuinely knows marketing inside and out. We will definitely be using Example again in the future and would recommend that anyone do the same!
Kath Board, Head of Strategic Accounts, LongStoryShort

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