You’re just not ready yet (it’s OK)

We have a tendency to focus on those transitional moments of our lives. Some of us even make companies out of those transitional moments.

And yet most of our lives are spent in between. Those two or three years you spend at one company are then followed by a small – yet important – transitional moment and you spend another two or three years in another company, or in another role at the same company.

I’m 47 and I was recently asked why I didn’t found a company earlier. My response – I just wasn’t ready yet.

I’m happy to admit that I’ve spent the last 27 years not being ready, and then all of a sudden, I was ready.

All of those transitions of previous years were punctuation marks along the way to being ready. Ready for the next transition, ready for the next role, ready to be an employee, ready to be a line manager, ready to be a Director, ready to be an MD, ready to be a Founder.

You may want to focus on your transitional moments, but it’s what’s in between that makes them possible. The graft, the learning and the progression in between transitions makes the transition possible.

And if you’re not ready yet, it’s OK to tell yourself just that.

Focus on the in-between, and let the transitions take care of themselves.

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