The Programme

  • The more information we get from you in the Kick-Off Workshop, the more insights we can play back in the Debrief.

    It’s our opportunity to really dig deep into:

    • Your ambitions for growth
    • Your culture and your values
    • Your people today – and your team of the future
    • Your hiring processes
    • Your competitors
  • The Debrief is all about our findings – and what you need to do next.

    We’ll run through:

    • Your available talent pools – who, how many, what skills
    • What your talent market wants – salaries, motivations, etc.
    • What your competitors are doing – who’s hiring, who they’re hiring
    • How you’re losing out on talent & why
    • What you’re going to do to become irresistible to talent
  • Our self-paced learning programme is all about best practice – what the best companies are doing – and how you can take their successes & win.

    • Founder & Employer branding
    • Interview techniques
    • Ways to speed up your hiring process
    • Developing your talent offer
    • Working with your talent pools
    • … and much more!
  • Our retained programmes come in at significantly less than traditional recruitment, giving you:

    • A low monthly price based on annual projected hires
    • Regular hiring process reviews
    • Regularly refreshed talent pools & insights
    • Talent alerts & reports on competitor activity

A Fresh Approach

Your Partners in Talent Attraction

There is a fine line between recruitment and marketing – and as marketers ourselves, we’ve found it takes a good marketer to understand talent. That’s why we partner with agencies and teams around the world to deliver our Talent Attraction Programme, helping them become irresistible to the best talent.

Think, also, about the cost of recruitment.

If you’re hiring just 5 marketers a year, you could be paying out over £50,000 in recruitment fees.

But if you turn recruitment on its head – and develop an inbound Talent Attraction model – then we believe you can reduce that cost by at least a third, maybe even half.

Our programme will help you:

  • Identify your available talent
  • Identify what your talent wants
  • Position yourself as their employer of choice
  • Attract more of them to your open roles
  • Convert the very best of them into employees


Your talent pool is finite – but ever-changing. At any point in time, your available talent market has a defined size. The question is – of that talent market, how much can you convert into interest? If you’re struggling to find the best people – it could just be that you’re not perceived as attractively as your competitors.


A hiring process has to balance speed with rigour. Many employers take too long and see talent drop out of the pipeline as decision-makers are unavailable or don’t make decisions quickly enough. Others hire too quickly – not testing candidates enough. We’ll help you find the optimum balance, to ensure nobody slips through the net.

Talent Attraction Programme


  • Introductory Price
  • Includes:
  • Kick-off Workshop
  • Debrief with Insight Reports:
  • - Talent Pools
  • - Talent Insights Report
  • - Competitor Activity Report
  • - Action Plan
  • Self-Paced Learning Programme

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