Marketing Talent

The service we always wanted as marketers

Our founder spent 20 years in marketing, ending up CMO, MD of a Digital Agency, running an in-house marketing team… so we know that finding talent can be hard work. 

We always felt let down by recruiters. Either they didn’t understand the roles we were hiring for, or they didn’t have the same level of buy-in that we did. This is what we’re aiming to change with Example. We’ve done the roles ourselves, we’ve hired for them ourselves, and we buy in to your project wholeheartedly.

We headhunt your talent, right from executive to CMO level, because we know that marketers can find great talent by using true marketing techniques. We craft personal approaches to candidates in the passive market and we help you through the process as trusted advisors the whole way.

Why We Quit Marketing For Talent Acquisition

Our founder, Gareth, spent ten years growing a digital agency, eventually winning and managing clients such as NVIDIA, Johnson & Johnson, Ceridian, Safestore and many others along the way.

Before that, he was client-side, running a marketing team and leading the digital strategy, and had taught himself SEO after accidentally discovering 10,000 visitors a day on his own website.

As he built teams, he discovered that the majority of marketing recruiters had no idea what digital marketing was. They would send CV after CV of candidates who were patently unsuitable to the roles advertised, so he developed processes of his own to solve the problem – building talent pools, pipelines and nurturing campaigns.

He founded Example to solve that very same pain, specifically for marketing teams and agencies. And he’s found that recruitment is very much like SEO in the early days – there are some very, very good recruiters, but the large majority operate on chance, and most of them have never run a million-dollar global ad campaign.

That’s why Example is different. We’ve been in your position. We’ve hired for ourselves, and we’re taking these processes into agencies to help them win more talent. What’s more, we take a data-led approach with comprehensive candidate reports so that you can understand behaviours and develop interview questions that give you better insight.

So if you’re feeling the talent pinch, and you’d like to get away from the traditional contingent, distressed model of hiring, let us know.

Hire For

We put together this guide with the traits that we look for when interviewing candidates for you. You’ll see the types of questions you can ask during an interview to get down to the details, and how you can set up an interview to get the answers that will help you most.


It’s our job to help you get the most out of your interviews with our candidates. Our cultural alignment reports give you suggested questions based on the candidate’s responses to our questionnaire, helping you probe more into where there may be less alignment than you thought.

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