Retained services

From sourcing to full-service, talent options for marketing agencies

As you know when you pitch, you’re not alone. There are many marketing agencies competing for work – and competing for the talent to fulfil that work. We’ve been there, built the teams, built the processes & now we’re providing solutions for agencies that help them compete for the very best digital & performance talent, from account managers to paid social and design.

  • from £2,500/month

    For agencies that like to handle their own recruitment processes, we provide comprehensive sourcing – saving you hours and adding on the value of our knowledge and experience.

    We’ll build talent pools, giving you a pipeline of at least 20 live candidates per month, all accessible via a shared project management board, and all with detailed cultural and skills fit reports for you to review, as well as bespoke interview questions to probe where there may be a misalignment.

    We meet our clients monthly to discuss hiring objectives and performance.

  • from £5,000/m

    For agencies who need the whole recruitment process managed end-to-end, we offer an embedded service where you work with a dedicated talent consultant.

    We’ll work with you to define talent requirements, source & build pipelines, screen candidates and manage the offer process. Our embedded service cuts down on contingent recruitment fees and helps you alleviate the pain of distressed hires from sudden departures.

    You will also get access to our MyPeople portal, giving you full detailed reports and bespoke interview questions for every candidate.

  • from £25,000

    For agencies that require a quick, one-off scale-up, we offer a rapid go-to-market service that allows you to quickly identify the roles and the candidates required.

    This is ideal for agencies going through rapid growth and have a contingent need to hire at least 4 people on a permanent basis. You get the same service as our Embedded retainer, but on a tighter timescale within a project basis.

  • from £1,000/m

    Need to drop in quality temporary hires? We can put together a package depending on the people required that will represent a significant saving on traditional hiring methods.

    Our extended network of contractors and freelancers means we can quickly identify temporary staff that can bridge a gap for your agency.

  • There’s no two ways about it – recruitment can be a costly business.

    Our contingent fees are competitive, at 15% or 20% depending on exclusivity or otherwise. But you can cut those costs down drastically by using one of our packages above.

    Think about the amount you spend on recruitment agencies every year, and also think about the amount you lose through slow hiring processes, reduced productivity during notice or probation periods, no productivity during gaps between an employee leaving and a replacement starting… it all adds up. Especially when you’re charging by the hour.

    Our packages not only reduce the amount you pay, they ensure that you hire quicker, and hire better.

Why We Quit Marketing For Talent Acquisition

Our founder, Gareth, spent ten years growing a digital agency, eventually winning and managing clients such as NVIDIA, Johnson & Johnson, Ceridian, Safestore and many others along the way.

Before that, he was client-side, running a marketing team and leading the digital strategy, and had taught himself SEO after accidentally discovering 10,000 visitors a day on his own website.

As he built teams, he discovered that the majority of marketing recruiters had no idea what digital marketing was. They would send CV after CV of candidates who were patently unsuitable to the roles advertised, so he developed processes of his own to solve the problem – building talent pools, pipelines and nurturing campaigns.

He founded Example to solve that very same pain, specifically for marketing teams and agencies. And he’s found that recruitment is very much like SEO in the early days – there are some very, very good recruiters, but the large majority operate on chance, and most of them have never run a million-dollar global ad campaign.

That’s why Example is different. We’ve been in your position. We’ve hired for ourselves, and we’re taking these processes into agencies to help them win more talent. What’s more, we take a data-led approach with comprehensive candidate reports so that you can understand behaviours and develop interview questions that give you better insight.

So if you’re feeling the talent pinch, and you’d like to get away from the traditional contingent, distressed model of hiring, let us know.

Hire For

We put together this guide with the traits that we look for when interviewing candidates for you. You’ll see the types of questions you can ask during an interview to get down to the details, and how you can set up an interview to get the answers that will help you most.


It’s our job to help you get the most out of your interviews with our candidates. Our cultural alignment reports give you suggested questions based on the candidate’s responses to our questionnaire, helping you probe more into where there may be less alignment than you thought.

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