How to hire for behaviour

How to Hire For Behaviour

All too often, businesses hire for skills, but end up firing for behaviours.

It's time to change that...

When we talk to our candidates, we're always on the lookout for their behaviours, and we make sure we find the best possible cultural fit for our clients.

It makes sense. You want people to stay, you want people to prosper - so look for the signs that a candidate aligns to you - or doesn't.

Our handy little guide takes you through some of the key traits that you'll find in digital marketers, and how to discern whether your candidate has those traits or not.

We look at Graft, Conscientiousness, Self-Development, Resilience, Ambition, Humility, Emotional Intelligence, The ability to Nutshell, Positivity, Adaptability and Accountability. Phew!

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