A Fresh Approach

Recruitment fees, explained

We’ve been on the other side of the fence, so we know that recruitment fees are a cost that can sometimes feel like a risk. What if the candidate doesn’t work out? What if things change? That’s why we offer two simple models that offer protection against these scenarios.

Option one is a simple 20% of the candidate’s first year’s salary, spread over three payments – 1/3 on first interview, 1/3 on offer, 1/3 on candidate start date.

You get a 6-month free replacement, and we will never offer your candidates to any other clients – they’re all yours.

Option two is a simple single payment of 25% of the candidate’s first year’s salary on their start date. In this case, you’d get a 3-month free replacement.

But some recruiters work for less…

That’s because they do less. Indeed, the less you pay a recruiter, the less they do. It’s only commercial…

We’ve been asked a few times if we’d work at 10%, for instance – because that’s what other recruiters are working to. Here’s why we’d never do that:

  • We never want to be in a position where one candidate is worth 20% to one client, and 10% to another. It’s not commercial from our point of view, and would disadvantage the one at 10%.
  • We are headhunters. Most recruiters are not – they use job ads or their database and hope for a response. Our approach is not the same as the 10% recruiters who take on large volumes of business with an aim of achieving a 20% win rate.
  • We work our fee! Our process is forensic, involving screening, testing and continued support throughout the process.


Our process is not quite like other recruiters. We don’t use job ads – we headhunt at every level. It all starts with a brief – a full, thorough brief with probing questions about values and the team environment. With that, we can search the available market and find the right people quickly. We’ll screen them, acting as a first interviewer, before helping you manage the whole process through to their first day on the job.


When we talk about screening, we’re not just talking about a five-minute interview. We probe their experience, their motivations, their ambitions and we only ever send the candidates we feel will make the biggest difference – and that will be excited by the prospect of working with you.