A Fresh Approach

Recruitment fees, explained

We’ve been on the other side of the fence, so we know that recruitment fees are a cost that can sometimes feel like a risk. What if the candidate doesn’t work out? What if things change? We offer protection against that – and our fees reflect your investment in our process.

So here’s one thing most recruiters don’t mention – often, we do the work, and we don’t get paid.

Obviously, we want to mitigate against that as much as possible.

Competing against other agencies isn’t the best method for you, either. Other agencies will de-prioritise you against clients who are exclusive – and they will place their best candidates with them. What’s more, when candidates are approached multiple times by different recruiters, it reflects badly on you.

Why go exclusive?

When you go exclusive – with us or indeed with anyone – you get access to the best candidates on both the active and passive markets. You also get a longer probation period during which you can get a free replacement if things don’t work out.

Why go retained?

Not only is retained cheaper than exclusive, but it means that you become one of our elite-level clients, with a guaranteed refund if we don’t fill the role, as well as the 6-month free replacement guarantee.


Our process is not quite like other recruiters. We don’t use job ads – we headhunt at every level. It all starts with a brief – a full, thorough brief with probing questions about values and the team environment. With that, we can search the available market and find the right people quickly. We’ll screen them, acting as a first interviewer, before helping you manage the whole process through to their first day on the job.


When we talk about screening, we’re not just talking about a five-minute interview. We probe their experience, their motivations, their ambitions and we only ever send the candidates we feel will make the biggest difference – and that will be excited by the prospect of working with you.