What’s inside?

  • US & UK Current Salaries
  • Salary expectations – managerial & senior
  • Motivations – what they really want
  • Fears – what’s keeping them up at night
  • Demographics – who’s on the move?
  • And our insights into the market right now – in both the UK & the US

About Our Survey

We’re Specialists in Demand Generation Talent

Over the last 6 months, we’ve probably had about 200 interviews with demand generation specialists globally. Across the world, these candidates share the same vision and mindset – revenue growth. In fact, of all the roles we search for, demand generation is by far and away the most growth-focused and the most platform-agnostic. 

So if you’re trying to hire a Demand Generation Manager or a senior Demand Gen leader, then our survey – taken earlier this year – will guide you on what to offer, and what package is most appropriate.

But it was also give you insight into what they’re looking for – and what they see when they look over their shoulders.

And it leaves open the question – what happens to the 66% of Demand Generation Managers who are female, whose number reduces to 54% at a Head of level?