Supporting Agency Growth

Our client is an up-and-coming social media agency in London who originally came to us asking for a social media manager.

We discussed the role and the strategic direction of the agency, and agreed with the hiring manager that the structure of the team could be different. Instead of hiring videographers and photographers, why not find social media managers who were highly proficient in both?

This restricted our available talent pool, but it did mean that when we headhunted those individuals, they were extremely well aligned with our client. We have now found multiple skilled social media managers for them, including one who was so good that she was hired even when there wasn’t a role available!

Headhunting Young Superstars

A former candidate contacted us to help source a marketing executive role they had been struggling to fill.

Sourcing entry-level marketers can be hard, because a) there are many of them, and b) many are unproven as yet. We took the approach that we only wanted to speak to entry-level marketers who had demonstrated their skills either through internships or through their own efforts.

Through our screening process, we were able not just to ascertain which young marketers had the hands-on experience, but we were also able to match them up to the values of the hiring business and the hiring manager.

High Performance Marketing

Our client, an international investment art gallery, was looking for a senior performance marketer who could work across all online channels and drive digital change throughout the business.

As always, we didn’t use job ads or job boards – instead, we headhunted a shortlist of five individuals who had experience of marketing to high-net-worth individuals across the full set of digital marketing skills – from organic to paid search and social.

Because our approach was so targeted and so specific, we had a 85% response rate to our initial messages, and our screening process meant that we were hugely confident in the skillset and values that our candidates were bringing.

We then helped the client and the candidates through an extensive process of three interviews with a task, supporting them with feedback on their task and then helped with the negotiation process.

We are now working with the client and the successful candidate to help build out their team even further.

From Brief To Successful Candidate in Two Hours

We work regularly with a growing marketing agency who came to us with a very specific high-end requirement at Director level. It was clear from the brief that there were relatively few people in the country who could fulfil the brief, so once more we decided against using job boards, and we went straight to our extended network.

We immediately found someone at a lookalike but not rival agency whose current role more or less identically matched that of the brief, arranged a meeting within the hour. With our knowledge of the role from our own digital agency experience, we asked probing questions that helped us understand more about their background, and confirmed that this person was indeed a great fit for our client.

Within two hours of taking the brief, the candidate’s CV was in front of the client and after three interviews, our candidate was chosen to lead the newly formed team.