Who we work with

The Performance Recruiters

Our experience as marketers means we’re perfectly positioned to headhunt talent globally according to our clients’ requirements. That’s why we don’t advertise roles. But if you’re a growth, performance or demand generation marketer, with skills across SEO, PPC, Paid Social, ABM, etc. – we’d love to hear from you.

We help our clients locate talent across the globe. So if you’re an expert in growth marketing, why not join our network?

Our clients range across marketing agencies, start-ups, venture studios, multinational brands and SMEs – and we source across a variety of different roles depending on their requirements, e.g.:

  • Performance Marketing Lead
  • Growth Marketing Director
  • SEO Director
  • Agency Account Manager
  • Demand Generation Senior Manager
  • etc.

If you’d like to join our network, send us your CV & when we find a fit, we’ll be in touch!

Mindset &

While a CV is great, we love to dig a little deeper. For instance, do you have a scientific mindset? Are you data-led? Have you ever learned a musical instrument or pushed yourself beyond your limits in an endurance sport? These are all facets that come through in your work – and we love to know more about your candidates.

How we

Many recruiters use job boards to find their candidates. This doesn’t really work for us, or for our clients. Clients turn to us for roles they might find hard to fill, or where they need access to a specialised network of growth marketing talent with specific backgrounds. Our searches are forensic – but being part of our network can always help!

Send Your CV to Example

If this form doesn’t allow you to send a file, please send instead to gareth@theexample.co.uk and we’ll get you on the books manually 🙂