Benchmarking, Auditing & Reporting

We audit, report & benchmark digital activity

Too often, digital metrics are vain, misunderstood and not linked to business performance. We fixed that years ago. We're the independent eye you need to assess your digital performance.

Sometimes all you need is an honest, external view on things.
Whether it’s an annual check-up or insightful board-level dashboarding, Example can help.
We’ll provide that external eye that can regularly keep you up to date on progress, performance & people.

Reporting that means something

When we started out in digital marketing, we received agency reports in excel. They meant nothing to us.

So when we built our digital agency, it was crucial that we delivered not just on performance, but on how we communicated that performance to clients.

At Example, we help benchmark digital performance so that you know whether your strategy is working or not – and if not, why. We can do regular analysis, live dashboards or deep dives into your analytics – whatever will make the difference, we’ll find it.

Audits That Inspire Action

You can have many views on whether your digital performance is firing or not. One metric says it is, another says it’s not.

We can give you the independent eye you need to say honestly whether you’re going in the right direction or not. And if not, what’s holding you back? 

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Need our help understanding how you’re actually performing? We’ve spent years building dashboards and presenting digital marketing results to boards. Get in touch & let us know what you need!