The Example Difference

Almost all recruiters will do two things – they’ll turn to their database, and they’ll write a job ad. Once they’ve got a bunch of applications, they’ll forward on those who they think fit the job.

And sometimes, this works. But in the more complex world of marketing, with specialisms across performance, social media, PR and comms – you need to be able to understand the roles inside-out in order to discern whether a candidate is up to the job.

That’s the Example difference. Not only do we headhunt every single role from executive to C-Suite, but we screen every candidate ourselves. Having either done or managed many of these roles directly, we’re in a good position to help select the very best candidates from both the active and the passive markets.

We built this business from the ground-up with this ethos in mind. Build the recruitment agency we would have killed for when growing digital agencies and in-house marketing teams.

We’re not going to fix the entire recruitment industry, but we can help talent teams and marketing hiring managers get fast access to the whole market with a rigorous approach to candidate selection.


Gareth Cartman

Former digital agency MD, CMO, Head of Marketing, Author, Teacher, oh the list goes on. Gareth founded Example in 2022 after 20 years in digital marketing. For his sins, he supports Everton.

Recruitment Consultant

Katie Banyard

Katie spent many years in PR and Comms roles before taking time out to bring up her three children. Her experience across content and social media helps our clients find the very best talent.

Recruitment Consultant

Cara Treadwell

Entrepreneur, Head of Marketing, Sleep Coach… Cara has a wealth of experience both running her own business and marketing in the property sector. Today, she helps Example source amazing talent for our clients.

A little more about us

Hands up, we’re marketers

Our founder Gareth spent 20 years in digital marketing. He was MD of an agency running major global accounts. He ran marketing teams and was SEO-ing before Google existed. The one frustration from 20 years in digital marketing? Talent…

“I never found a recruiter who really understood what we do. I remember receiving CVs of people who said they could run paid search campaigns, but when you interviewed them, they didn’t have a clue.

“So who was testing the candidates? I ended up building my own recruitment processes, and finally I built teams that drove performance for our clients. I waited for the best talent to become available. I pursued the best marketers in our area.

“This is the gap in the market I wanted to fill. The difference that I think marketers and founders are looking for – a recruiter who knows what they’re recruiting for, inside-out. And what’s more, if you can add on a layer of cultural alignment, if you can really screen your CVs and provide a world-class level of service to clients – isn’t that going to make a difference?

“I believe it will. And I’m glad I’m being proved right.”

Do The
Right Thing

Doing the Right Thing is about putting the client’s commercial needs ahead of our own. Sure, we could do what many recruiters do and place whoever’s on our books. Or, we could find the ideal candidate, pitch to them and work together on finding a deal.

A Belief
In Better

Recruiters have a bad name because many act unscrupulously. We demand high standards of ourselves, and of our candidates. It’s not our role to repair the recruitment industry itself, but we do believe we can elevate customer service and make recruiting ethical.

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